2016 Amateur Golf Tournament

All great things come from small seeds. The best Irish golfers, including Rory McIlroy, Darren Clarke, Padraig Harrington, and Graeme McDowell won in their own amateur golf tournaments before making their mark in world-class competitions.

An amateur golf tournament will be held in Glebe Golf Club. This year’s tournament will be sponsored by Golf In Hole with the winner getting their hands on a top class hybrid golf club of their choice! These tournaments in Ireland see some of the prospective best golfers the country will ever see. Some of the country’s best golfers started their careers in their teenage years in amateur tournaments. It will be a chance for aspiring, young golfers to get the feel of golf tournaments before they set out to the world.


This will also offer them opportunities to gather achievements, as they will have to gain experience with competing in amateur golf tournaments before climbing up the ladder. They will get to go against young golfers who have the same aspiration and potential. The golf course they will have to conquer is set for their skill level but does not compromise on challenge.

It will also be an avenue for them to be discovered, as winning amateur golf tournaments are a great way to kick-start their golf career. Even though these golf tournaments are designated for amateurs, they will be able to showcase their talent to other golfers with years’ worth of experience and credentials. It presents a chance for their names to be etched in trophies which will have their place in the hall of fame.

Amateur golf tournaments are also a way for them to bond with their families and meet other golfers to share their own tips and experiences. The amateur golf tournament in Glebe Golf Club will not only serve as a challenge for hopeful young golfers, but will also be the place where the best showcase their skill and start their rewarding career.

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